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For several publishers, Dee Ann Grand has acquired hundreds of children's books over the years, but here are the most current winners.

Dee Ann is the acquisition editor and manuscript editor of the New York Times Bestselling children’s book You Can Do It! (Little Simon Inspirations 2008) written by Tony Dungy, NFL commentator and previously the coach of the Indianapolis Colts.


 The series continues to grow with You Can Be a Friend! plus three more titles releasing in 2011 and 2012 by Tony and Lauren Dungy.   


Other current acquisitions are with the author John Carter Cash who honored his father, Johnny Cash, and his mother, June Carter Cash, with Momma Loves Her Little Son (Little Simon 2009)


and Daddy Loves His Little Girl (Little Simon, May 2010). 


Look for more upcoming John Carter Cash fun!
The Cat with the Rhinestone Suit
releases in 2011 (Little Simon). 


Dee Ann is the author of two children’s books, both with multiple designs and formats.


A Child’s First Prayers (Reader’s Digest Children’s Books 2002) has been published in several international versions, including  the popular English/Spanish version. 


My Rainy Day (Reader’s Digest Children’s Books 2005) a book with unique touch elements, was not only an interactive trade book, but was also chosen for Cottonelle’s premium book of choice in their   2005 Spring campaign.

Dee Ann is also a contributing author of several stories in the book series A Match Made in Heaven I and II, (Multnomah 2001, 2002)

A collection of short stories of romance and loving relationships,      but in keeping with her personality, always with a twist of surprise and humor.


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